Patrice Marchessault

It has been 30 years and counting of being in contact with the wonderful world of motor racing. Well, add 10 more if you count the years as a racing fan following Gilles Villeneuve in F1.

At first as a mechanic working at a racing school program that let me race in exchange of the work. So, yes I have raced. Ran out of money. Wanted to stay involved. Became a driving instructor. Worked as a mechanic in series such as GM Player’s and Porsche Cup in the ’80s. Then Formula Atlantic and Indy Lights in the 90’s. In the 2000’s, I had the opportunity to work as a team manager for a gentleman racer with a very impressive collection of Vintage race cars. 

Throughout all these years, I have stayed in touch with the driving side working with racing schools and car manufacturer on product launch. And lately, I have worked more on the Sales training side of the automotive business with manufacturers heavily involved in motorsport.

It felt natural to expand into building Canadian Racers News to open a window of opportunity tho the many talented people in Canadian Motorsport.

I have always liked the photography side of the sport as well, flipping through the pages of magazines that caught the action on track. I have picked up a camera now and again, never in a serious way… Until three years ago.

So, having been involved in many aspect of the sport, the idea behind Canadian Racers News is to leave the centre stage to the many talents we have in Canada.

We have some very skilled drivers, individuals and teams involved in different series around the globe. Yet, for most, we barely hear about their exploits.

On our agenda, pretty simple, we want you to stay connected with them.