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A very good proportion of drivers diverted to SIM racing since the world pandemic has put a stop to the racing calendar. In some ways it gives them a chance to get their adrenaline going and stay somewhat active during this time.

Daniel Morad is one of them. “Consistency and focus,” Daniel says, “is where the real world connects with SIM. The major factor in driving a race car is feeling the car underneath you. And with the simulator, you’re just seeing things.”

“Drivers that are more data driven, may have an easier time to adapt to SIM racing while drivers that are more about natural ability and the feeling of the car may have a harder time. I am definitely about natural ability and car feel when I’m driving the real car. I am not much about data as I feel you tend to spend to much time looking at the numbers and often overanalyzing and not enough on driving. But in SIM racing, you have to look at the data to see what’s going on. So, I have actually been working pretty hard to get better at analyzing the data. I took a new approach now and I finally have data software and I’m looking at what I am doing so I understand now I can put the visuals into the feelings.”

Daniel has been quite active in the SIM world lately taking part in several different series and competing against the best drivers out there. So active, in fact, that he has teamed up with Vancouver based Racing Edge in organizing a 6 races schedule that is to visit some of the best tracks out there.

“I’ve partnered with Racing Edge to help organize this SIM racing series on their website. Racing Edge is primarily a marketplace, like a brokerage, to buy and sell cars(race cars and classic cars, NDLR) and they have expended into a media source for F1 and other series as well as a mean to keep entertained their higher end clientele and attract people to the page so they can see the available cars,” said Daniel. So, they approached me as they wanted to get into the simulator business with their own series and even offer prize money for each race.”

In fact, should you participate in the GT3 class, and finish on the podium, $125 goes to the winner, $95 to second place and $80 for third. In the TCR class, $70 for the top step, $50 for second place and $30 for third.

“It is worth noting that, for everyone of the six races, Racing Edge is matching the total podium payout in a donation to a local food drive in Vancouver,” Daniel was quick to add.

It is free to enter the race and there are two classes available in the form of Audi R8 GT3 and Audi RS3 TCR cars. Depending on your IRacing ranking and a minimum required safety rating of 2.0, you will be eligible to enter one of the two. There are 25 spots available for each class per race which makes it up to 50 entries per race. “Since you register for every race independently, we have had close to 100 different drivers so far,” Daniel mentioned. “We have had some serious competitors so far with the likes of F1 driver Nicolas Latifi, Aston Martin GTD IMSA driver Canadian Roman DeAngelis, IMSA driver Parker Chase, Corey Lewis and Porsche Cup driver Ethan Simioni to name a few.

The event takes place every Tuesday and is streamed live on Racing Edge YouTube channel. To register, you simply have to set-up a Racing Edge account that will enable you to enter the individual events. Note that registration opens seven days prior to the event taking place.

The future plan will be to organise an actual championship where their will be a drivers’ championship with prize money attached to it. For now, the goal is to get the individual six races completed and raise awareness for the future championship. Once the six races are completed they will then look into offering a full championship shortly after.

Make sure to visit Racing Edge to keep an eye on upcoming events.

Image: Patrice Marchessault / PMstills Photography

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